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WordPress integration

Translate your website, blog, and landing pages into multiple languages easily and hassle-free with direct integration between WordPress and Linearis

Linearis integration for WordPress

Linearis provides a highly advanced method for localizing your WordPress website, which involves seamlessly integrating with the WordPress backend and streamlining the localization process through the use of the WPML plugin. With Linearis, you can take complete control of your website from the WordPress backend, and leverage automation to easily send and publish your content without ever leaving the platform.

Optimize your localization process


Focus on creating great content instead of managing translations. Mark articles for translation in WordPress, and Linearis will handle it automatically, no need to leave the platform.


Enhance the quality and consistency of translations by enabling translators to work with an in-context preview of the content.


Make your content work for you by leveraging AI-powered translation memories to reuse pre-approved content, resulting in faster and more consistent translations.


Make your work easier by automatically delivering content to and from your website in seconds, without the need for manual copying.


Before you begin, ensure that the WordPress theme you have selected supports the creation of pages in multiple languages

Plugin install

To send content for translation to Linearis, install the following plugins on your website: WPML Multilingual CMS (core plugin) and WPML String Translation (for translating interface strings).

Download here


To implement multilingual content on your WordPress site by following some basic steps.


API token

To integrate WPML with Lineairs, you’ll need to reach out to us and request your API token, which will be provided to you promptly.

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Submit content

After your site is linked to Linearis, you can immediately begin submitting your content for translation directly from your WordPress site. Once the translation is completed, we will push it back to you for review and final publishing.


If you are a new client, kindly be informed that upon submitting your files for translation, Linearis will email you all project specifics, and costs to be agreed upon, and request that you agree with our general terms and conditions.

Integrated with you

Although we do provide support for WPML, you are not limited to using just that software. We encourage you to explore our other integrations which may be useful in enhancing your localization process or contact us for custom integration.

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