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Website and App localization

The process of adapting content to the traits and traditions of a specific culture by using latest industry technologies

Why is localization necessary?

Localization is a comprehensive process during which the cultural, non-textual and linguistic elements of a product or service are adjusted to a given country’s market. In the age of universal globalisation, the significance of localization cannot be denied. Our linguistic experts are able to ensure contemporary language usage as well as compliance to the various aspects and nuances of a specific culture.

Localization is crucial when introducing a product to a foreign market and is often considered to be one of the main factors in ensuring the profitability and growth of a company, by forming a dialogue with local consumers in a manner they’re accustomed to.

Content becomes easy to understand for a relevant culture

The chance to address a specific target audience

Content adjustment to local laws and regulations

Content adjustment to SEO guidelines

Website localization

A Website is the face of almost every international company. To work in another country’s market successfully, it is not enough to simply translate the text – it becomes necessary to adjust the measurement units, time and date, and to format the design in line with local traditions.

— Design adjustment
— Text (numbers, units, style) adjustment
— Adjusting the visual content
— Text adjustment to the SEO needs of the local market

Software and App localization

Software and apps must be adjusted to the expectations and customs of local markets in order to make their usage more convenient. When localizing applications and software, special attention must be paid to the accurate transformation of currencies, time, units, address formats and other aspects, as well as the design.

— Design adjustment
— Content adjustment

Multimedia localization

In order for audiovisual content to be accessible for everybody, we use transcription or subtitling. For this process, using localization is crucial upon beginning the translation – if subtitles aren’t localised, it will be more difficult to edit them later on.

— Content adjustment of transcript and subtitles
— Adjustment of subtitle design
— Adjustment of visual elements, if necessary

Localization of marketing content

Any blog post, media publication, booklet or other form of marketing content has a specific purpose, e.g., to attract new clients or to increase home page visits. To achieve this goal, marketing content must be personalised, something which can be achieved with localization.

— Design adjustment
— Content adjustment
— Text adjustment with regard to SEO requirements

Why choose Linearis for your localization needs

Localization workflow management

Our approach to localization adheres to a specific system where each step is carried out by independent suppliers, greatly minimising the risk of any type of errors in the final product.

Localization process automation

Our strength lies not only in a professional team, but also in technological support of the highest level. This means automation of various tasks, which in turn means a significantly more efficient workflow, all while maintaining an excellent level of quality.

Quality control

Special attention is paid to quality control, during which we use various tools and software that can point out mistakes that may escape the human eye.

Preparation process

We evaluate project volume, determine the profile of the target audience, evaluate existing resources and agree upon a deadline for the completion of the project beforehand.

Key elements of localization

Frequently asked questions

We’re always ready to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common ones we get asked. If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Content intended for a local market contains many specific nuances that without the use of localization might get lost in translation. Localization allows for the conversion of units, dates and phone numbers, as well as the adjustment of various other details. This way the content becomes more personal, it can reach a specific target audience and reach the goals set by you.

Localization consists of many steps, that’s why it’s better to leave it to professionals. Firstly, we set specific objectives, secondly, we evaluate resources and the existing content and carry out other preparation works. Thirdly, we carry out the localization process in various phases, which includes the adjustment of the content, the design and other elements. Finally, we perform a localization test. The project manager carefully oversees each step of the process to ensure a perfect result.

Since localization projects can differ greatly from one another, our team needs to have the chance to assess the project at hand first for a number of factors. With this in mind, please contact us by writing to or by calling our office at +371 672 77260 in order for us to be able to provide you with accurate pricing and turnaround time.

Linearis’ team of localisation experts work with innovative translation tools to help you reduce costs and turnaround times, while improving brand consistency and translation quality.

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