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Translation Management

We help to deliver your global messaging more efficiently and realize your business goals faster with increased productivity

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Translation management is an essential process that enables businesses to reach out to a wider audience across different regions and cultures. It involves the systematic translation of text and digital assets while preserving context and meaning, which can be done either manually or with the help of the latest technology. By localizing content, businesses can connect with native speakers more effectively and create a better user experience. Localization is crucial for all linguistic assets used in websites, apps, marketing materials, and downloadable content to ensure that the message is clear and accessible to all.

Reduce repetitive work trough translation memory

Enforce consistent terminology trough term bases

Keep consistent workflows across different teams and multiple projects

Deliver your content to audience faster in less time

Simplify your translation management

Translate documents

Streamline your document translation process by managing and automating it, without the need for manual and decentralized procedures like copying and pasting text, sending via email, and spending a lot of time reformatting translated versions.

— We support more than 50 file formats;
— Combine your translation process with the industry-leading machine translation (MT) engines to get you results at lightning speed;
— Simplify your schedule by minimizing manual tasks.

Localize website

Easily make your website multilingual with Linearis! Our integration with almost any Content Management System (CMS) makes it fast, accurate, and simple. You can choose between automatic translation or manual translation with professional editing to get the best results.

— Compatible with a wide range of Content Management Systems (CMS), including the WPML plugin specifically tailored for your WordPress site;
— Instead of manually copying content back and forth, push the translated content directly to your website to avoid tedious tasks;
— Align your SEO management with the localization process by using terminology bases that include key phrases.

Localize software

Streamline your software localization process by automating it, so you can translate your software without the need for manual updates or merging of translations. Eliminate manual tasks and accelerate your release cycle.

— Automatically find and push for localisation multiple product code branches at once without duplicating common strings;
— Supports most developer file formats;
— Ability to pre-process source files and exclude certain strings.

Translate video

Easily make your videos accessible to a global audience by automating the translation process of your videos into any language in just minutes, without the need to manually type in the subtitles.

— Maintain consistency in your voice and leverage your previous work with translation memories, so you don’t have to start from scratch each time;
— Just send your video’s SRT or VTT files and we’re good to proceed;
— Expand your video production without spending a fortune.

Localize e-learning

Transform your global workplace performance with eLearning translations. Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheets and eliminate the risk of manual, error-prone content sharing. Switch to our fast, high-quality eLearning translation service that supports almost any file format and save on the costs of manual translation.

— Maintain consistency by implementing a centralized system of record and sync content across your applications;
— Translate course authoring platform files from over 60 different formats, including XLIFF, VTT, SRT, PDF, DOCX, Google Sheets, Google Docs, and numerous others;
— Boost your L&D manager’s productivity by automating processes, reducing your organization’s learning curve.

Opt for Linearis as your localization ally


Automating localization tasks saves time, reduces bottlenecks, and allows businesses to scale without investing in new resources.

Improve consistency

Translation memory saves costs, improves consistency, and speeds up time-to-market by avoiding duplicate payments and enabling faster translations.

Keep content on-brand

Streamline terminology and glossary creation to maintain consistent branding across all languages and markets in real-time.

Reduce cost

Integrations automate content delivery from various systems, reducing costs with MT and AI and filtering out unnecessary content.


Empower your team with greater flexibility and control over localization process by integrating your existing tools and platforms with Linearis.

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