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Interpreting Equipment

Remove language barriers at any event at any time, anywhere

Make your upcoming event stand out

We offer Interactio, an audio broadcasting platform that replaces traditional hardware equipment with interpretation through your audience’s smart devices. With Interactio, you can host conferences, summits, and corporate meetings in an unlimited number of languages, both on-site and remotely. Whether your audience is at the venue or at home, Interactio’s on-site or remote simultaneous interpreting solution connects all participants for an inclusive and interactive experience.

Say goodbye to additional hardware equipment and translator booths – stream your event’s interpretation through Interactio.

Hardware integrations

With our solution, there’s no need for extra hardware, and Interactio seamlessly integrates with your existing setup. Choose the hardware integration option that works best for you and give your audience an inclusive and engaging event experience with Interactio.

Benefits for event organizers

You won't have to pay for any extra hardware. You can keep using your current on-site interpretation infrastructure without any additional costs.

Form a hybrid team of interpreters that work both on-site and remotely. You can connect with them remotely through our virtual interpreter console.

Participants can access live interpretation in any language, no matter how rare it is.

Why choose Interactio for your next event

Reduce cost

You no longer need to rent or purchase interpretation equipment. All that’s necessary is a dedicated computer or mobile device and a stable internet connection. The best part is that Linearis can take care of this for you, allowing you to concentrate on planning your event

Listener comfort

According to our customers, the most enjoyable aspect of the solution is its convenience, as well as the time and resources saved by not having to assign extra staff or make attendees wait in long queues to obtain traditional headsets before or after the event.

Professional interpreters

With Linearis, you can easily book highly qualified interpreters who work virtually, saving you the hassle and cost of arranging their transportation and accommodation. They undergo a rigorous qualification process to ensure an outstanding experience at your event.


We take the privacy and protection of your data seriously, and we achieve this through various measures such as data encryption, GDPR compliance, role-based access control, and strict confidentiality protocols. Our commitment to this guarantee is backed by our ISO 27001 certification and extensive experience handling thousands of events over the years.

How Interactio app works for your on-site or hybrid event

Interactio is based on 3 simple principles


The speaker delivers his/her speech into a microphone whose output is transmitted via Interactio.


The interpreter receives the speech either remotely or on-site through Interactio while simultaneously translating it through a microphone.


Listeners hear the translated audio on their smart devices through Interactio.

Still not convinced or need traditional equipment? Get in touch with our team and we’ll help you find the optimal solution that fits your event’s specific needs.
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