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Multimedia Translation

Professional transcription and subtitling allows for your audio and video content to reach a wider audience

Benefits of multimedia translation

During the transcription of an audio or video file, the recording is rendered into written text. We offer transcription of various formats – presentations, minutes of a meeting or court proceedings, client service call recordings, video clips, speech recordings and other types of content. If necessary, we can immediately translate the transcription into the target language of your choice.

Subtitles are used by a multitude of people – these are text blocks that are superimposed over film and video. Subtitles allow for the message of the material to reach clients who speak a different language or who are hearing impaired. It is crucial that the number of characters corresponds to the average accepted reading speed and that the text is synchronized with the video, while also sound natural and flowing.

It makes the content of the subtitles accessible to people that don’t know the original language

The content becomes accessible to people with impaired hearing

Translation of a transcript help the content to reach people who speak other languages


If you’re making an international presentation, its listeners are handed out a translated transcript of the presentation that allow them to familiarise themselves with the information included in the presentation.

— The transcription of the content displayed in the presentation, as well as other notes and additional information
— If necessary, translation of the content in other languages
— Localisation of the transcription can be also be performed

Minutes of meetings or court proceedings

In these cases, the transcript must be particularly accurate, which is why Linearis Translations employs translators specialised in law.

— Transcription of minutes
— Localisation of the content
— Translation of the transcript of minutes in another language

Call recordings

Transcripts of call recordings may be needed in various situations. In each case special attention is paid to the quality of the transcript or, if needed, the accuracy of the translation.

— Call recording transcription
— Localisation of the recordings
— Translation of the transcript of the call recording in another language

Video clips

Video content nowadays cannot be imagined without subtitles that allow for the content of the video to be understood by a wider multilingual audience.

— Subtitling for a sound track
— Adjustment of the subtitles taking into account the optimal speed of reading
— Synchronization of subtitles with video content

Speech recordings

Speech recordings often need to be transcribed so the content can be understood by speakers of other languages. While preparing the transcription and translation of speech recordings, it is incredibly important that the translator is experienced and knowledgeable in the required field.

— Speech recording transcription
— Translation of the transcript
— Localisation of the transcript of the speech recording

TV shows

Various TV shows and series are a widely enjoyed leisure activity. However, for the shows to be enjoyable and engaging, it’s important to provide professional subtitles to those who need them.

— Subtitling for episodes of a show
— Professional synchronization of subtitles
— Adjustment of subtitles for an easier reading experience


Just like with shows and series, also movies require high quality subtitles that allow for the content to be understood by people who speak a different language or have impaired hearing. Subtitling films is one of the most popular multimedia translation types.

— Movie subtitling
— Subtitle synchronization
— Adjustment of the speed of the subtitles and other parameters that make the subtitles easy to read

Advantages offered by Linearis

Top industry talent

To provide a professional multimedia translation services Linearis team has specialists in the field that can analyse the problems and offer the right solutions in every situation.


Since its inception in 2003, Linearis has worked hard to acquire the necessary experience and knowledge to deliver the best quality. This is verified by quality certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100), as well as the information security certificate ISO 27001.

Ability to manage complex commissions

We can help in situations when a multimedia translation services must be prepared in a very short time regardless of complexity.

Latest technology

We use the newest and most ground-breaking technologies in the field that allow us to provide the highest quality services in a very short time.

Multimedia translation step-by-step

1 1

Step 1

Submission of materials (audio and/or video)

2 2

Step 2

Preparation of materials for translation

3 3

Step 3

Translation of the transcription or subtitles

4 4

Step 4

Involvement of a proofreader and editor

5 5

Step 5

Internal quality assurance procedure

6 6

Step 6

Delivery of the translated material

Frequently asked questions

We’re always ready to answer your questions. Here are some of the most common ones we get asked. If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Subtitling is the creation of subtitles; this solution is used for different types of video materials, such as films, video-clips, marketing materials in video format. An important factor in the subtitling process is the synchronization of subtitles and their adjustment to the content to make it easier to read. Whereas transcription is the transformation of a audio or video content (calls, minutes, presentations, video-clips, films, shows) into written text. Simultaneously to subtitling and transcription the content can also be localized, thus adjusting it to a specific culture.

If you leave the translation to experts, you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally, taking into consideration various language nuances and without any mistakes. If necessary, we also offer localization of content, adjusting it to the specifics of a certain culture.

The final pricing of multimedia translation depends on several factors such as the length of the audio/video material, required format and the target language(-s), so we’ll be able to name an exact price after you’ve contacted us.

You can reach us via e-mail at or by calling +371 672 77260. Alternatively, our application form can be filled out below by clicking CONTACT US.

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