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Desktop Publishing

Creating or adapting document layouts to meet the requirements of customer guidelines

Why you may need desktop publishing

A brochure, leaflet, or any other visual digital or printed material that requires translating will most likely also require desktop publishing. A desktop publisher’s job is to reproduce the original design with the translated text – due to different word lengths and word counts between languages, the design should be adapted to accommodate the target language’s text. If a customer wishes to receive ready-to-print material, we’re able to offer both services as a complete package.

Linearis collaborates with several outstanding freelance layout designers. They can either replicate the design of an original document, or can create a new design from scratch. It is faster and more cost-efficient if the customer has work files for the design. We can work with files we have translated, or we can simply just help with the design, publishing and proofreading steps.

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