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Customize your localization experience

The integrations with complete automation support

Eliminate the need for manual content updates or job creation by connecting with various content sources directly to synchronize your content and save you valuable time.


Integration with Linearis enables you to effortlessly translate your posts, pages, categories, tags, and custom post types, thereby helping you expand your audience reach.

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Transform your Figma files, which currently support only one language, into genuinely multilingual ones, enabling effortless language switching between them.


Say goodbye to manually modifying locale-specific strings in your code by integrating with Linearis. We’ll keep track of modifications in your repository, handle eligible files, and send back translated resources.


You can eliminate the need for manual editing of locale-specific strings in your code by integrating with Linearis. We will monitor your repository for any changes, process qualifying files, and push back translated resources.


You can streamline your processes and prevent bottlenecks by automatically sending any of your content to Linearis.


You can send content from your branches and repositories for translation and have your translations automatically updated.

Google Docs

Google Docs content can be created with efficiency, and it can now be seamlessly localized by directly integrating with Linearis.


Effortlessly translate attachments associated with Jira tickets, and have the translations automatically transmitted back to Jira.


You can easily and conveniently translate your content by sharing and working together with your users by integrating your OneDrive with Linearis.

Google Sheets

Obtain quick and high-quality translations directly within your Google Sheet.

Google Drive

Extend the reach of your content by having your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations translated to engage with a broader audience through collaboration.


Synchronize your Dropbox folders, files, and projects with Linearis to speed up and improve the accuracy of translating all your content.


Easily link your Lokalise account to Linearis, streamlining the translation process without any inconvenience.


Enable smooth teamwork and effortless sharing of knowledge in every language with seamless collaboration.

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