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Welcome to Linearis Brand & Marketing page

Follow these guidelines when promoting Linearis in marketing communications, including advertising, articles, websites, and printed promotions.

Linearis logo

Logo variations

Our standard logo features a striking combination of Persian green and Oxford blue. However, for optimal layout design, we also offer a Persian green with a white variant that can be well-suited for specific layouts and add more sophistication to visual presentation.

Additionally, when working with dark backgrounds, we recommend utilizing the full white version of our logo to ensure that it is easily discernible and leaves a lasting impression.

Scale & clearspace

To ensure that our logo is easily recognizable and remains visually consistent, it’s important to keep its surrounding area free of any other design elements.

In print materials, the logo and accompanying ‘L’ bug should not be printed any smaller than 0.25 inches (6.35mm) in size, measured by the height of the bug. On-screen, the logo and bug should be at least 21 pixels in height. However, there may be rare instances where the logo needs to be printed at a smaller size in print materials.