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Linearis to the rescue: Keeping the tourism industry afloat during the Covid-19 flood

Heading into 2021, we’d like to take a brief look back at our accomplishments in 2020. We all know that last year changed the lives of probably everyone and turned out to be the point of no return for many industries, including tourism. Nevertheless, as we’ve seen, this segment’s representatives wasted no time and planned for the future, with a little help from us.

Last year, by working to support businesses, especially on the European and Chinese markets, Linearis IBC and Linearis Translations Beijing, together with Freedom Expo, contributed to enhancing cooperation between industry representatives from the Russian Federation and many other countries around the globe, especially the People’s Republic of China. In November, we completed a major project involving around 85 companies and more than 140 business meetings.

Getting over this crisis without financial or other support in 2020 seemed nigh on impossible. Both big businesses and smaller tourism market players all around the world fell into bankruptcy. Nevertheless, in China, the latter quite successfully adjusted to the new normal, changing their focus to medical products (in high demand during the pandemic) and subsequently other highly sought-after products. Since this kind of business appeared to be sustainably profitable last year, a lot of small businesses are holding off on planning outbound tours for now and, hoping for a best-case scenario, are focusing on domestic tourism.

Having adapted to the circumstances, for our partners we have been picking up only the most viable business partners who are truly interested in establishing and developing qualitative cooperation with Russia. Linearis also worked on the project in conjunction with a well-known Singapore exhibition – ITB Asia. The 13 edition of the event was held online for the first time. Due to this fact, participants from different countries could hold business meetings despite the global crisis. Nevertheless, these circumstances brought both new opportunities and challenges. Thanks to our experience on the Asian market, including from participating in online exhibitions, and our effective organisation skills, Linearis managed to hold most of the meetings according to the initial plan, starting from the very first day of the exhibition, regardless of temporary technical issues affecting the online platform. This was positively evaluated both by Russian representatives and their potential cooperation partners.

“Top ingenuity and work efficiency! We are very glad that we had this opportunity to cooperate. I would especially like to praise the attentive work of Jekaterina Goļatkina, who selected potential Chinese business partners for us. All of them were carefully selected and targeted; we managed to agree on next steps with all of them. We are impressed by the future opportunities that have opened up to us thanks to this cooperation.”

Yaroslav Avdiev, Co-founder of Svoya Tropa

“The Linearis team provided invaluable support and demonstrated their professionalism while involved with the exhibition project: they were ready to answer questions and solve any problems 24/7 (taking into account the time difference), pleasantly surprised us with speedy replies and solutions, showed creativity in selecting partners and flexibility in drawing up schedules. In addition to professionalism, most of all I would like to note the pleasant, positive communication throughout the project. We are looking forward to further cooperation!”

Anastasia Krivosheina, Sales & Marketing Director at MICEVERSA

“Linearis scores 10 out of 10 for resourcefulness and efficiency. Cooperation with Linearis has brought us new connections, memorandums of cooperation, experience in communicating with foreign audiences and ideas on how to improve our cold customer acquisition process. Most of all, I would like to emphasise the company’s efficiency, flexible approach, sensible recommendations and punctuality. It is worth mentioning that after one of the meetings, Jekaterina, representing Linearis, asked for a minute of my time and told me about other potential cooperation partners, which indicates the sincere interest of Linearis’ employees in the success of not only current negotiations, but also in finding other ways to develop cooperation in general.”

Vladimir Lednev, International Development Project Manager at HELLO IO

To sum up, nothing is impossible! Achievements in the new normal might not come easy but only in case you are not aware how to act, whom to seek cooperation from and have no right specialists to boost your business under the new conditions. The year 2020 has given a grounding in the true era for being agile, being progressive. Linearis does not plan to fall behind the times either, after all, we have Asian roots, too – always following the nations who keep apace with reality, who are the future. If you are open to new opportunities, we will be there to lead you. Do not hesitate and get in touch with our team to discuss your needs now!