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Language technologies to boost your productivity

Language skills are a vital asset, but an even greater advantage is found in synergy and combination with the latest technologies thereby increasing a company’s productivity and competitiveness. Innovations that combine two values – languages and technologies – are the productivity services of the future that Linearis offers to its customers today.

“Higher productivity” means both increasing a company’s profitability and making use of costs and time more efficiently. In the context of language technology, it is an opportunity to reach a wider audience with a company’s content, to gain greater recognition and to do it faster, more economically and easily for all parties involved. Linearis Translations delivers future productivity services such as a neural network machine translation engine, options for translation process automatization, content management system integration possibilities, extensive integration capabilities through API connectivity, a multifunctional multilingual remote event platform and a multifunctional listening app for streaming audio online and during face-to-face events, and even more. Language technology has helped the company to move towards new successes globally and has played a role in a number of success stories in both local and international business.

Success story

Last year, the Covid-19 outbreak dramatically changed the global situation and almost every industry was forced to adapt to the new world. Taking into consideration a situation where business meetings, lectures, conferences or other face-to-face events were not possible, companies had to rely on virtual meetings and webinar platforms. The Linearis Translations team took the opportunity to reach new business horizons, and by adapting to the new world, the company began to offer its customers a new service, Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), using Interactio software. It is an innovative solution that enables remote interpreting for all kinds of events anywhere around the world. It can be used for online events, webinars, conferences and face-to-face meetings, or connecting users to translators who are working remotely and translating into the language of your choice using the Linearis Translations platform, app or a platform of your choice such as Zoom, Webex, YouTube, Skype or others.

“COVID pandemics hit conference and event business very harshly. Physical events, where you could meet people face-to-face, share stories, ideas and insights were hindered. No surprise, most of the events were cancelled, but not ours. I am happy that we had the support from LINEARIS that helped us a lot with technological solutions for virtual or hybrid events. No doubt their expertise, benevolence and timely insights made our events successful online, creating an engaging space for participants. I am more than sure that even after the pandemic will be over, there will be people who will still want to join events online thanks to technological solutions created.”

Dainius Baltrušaitis, CEO CONFINN UAB


Linearis Translations and Confinn UAB, which has more than 15 years of experience in successfully organizing conferences and other events, such as the largest leadership conference in the Baltics – EBIT, have been cooperating for several years, providing simultaneous interpretation services for their events in Latvian, Lithuanian and English, as well as providing all the necessary equipment for simultaneous interpretation. This autumn, the founder of Netflix, the founder of Siri and also the author of The Idea Book which is included in the list of ‘100 Best Business Books of All Time’ will be participating in the conference among other well-known lecturers.

Contribution of Linearis

In the beginning of the collaboration, simultaneous interpretation was provided using traditional techniques, but as technology evolved, Linearis Translations began to offer an innovative solution – Interactio – that became a sensational innovation in event attendees’ smartphones. Interactio immediately won the hearts of both Confinn UAB and other Linearis Translations customers and was an instant success. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Linearis Translations was able to find a solution to the customer’s wish to transfer all the events to the online platform, providing everything completely remotely, thus allowing the events to take place in a new form.

Higher productivity and added value

In today’s technologically saturated life, Interactio stands out for its user-friendliness as well as convenient and fast installation. Everyone can download the application to their smartphone and immediately listen to the streamed interpretation, both at the event venue or remotely. This allows the content of the conference or other event to be shared with a much larger audience which receives higher quality content and greater benefits. Many conference participants, even those who consider themselves to have good language knowledge, prefer to listen to translated speeches as this provides the opportunity to better understand what is being said and not to miss important and valuable insights. With Interactio, Confinn conferences and other events become more accessible and productive.

Growing popularity

At the moment, Interactio is rapidly gaining popularity. It is natural that immediately after the first event Confinn realized how fast and convenient it is to use the Interactio application and gave up the traditional technique altogether! Of course, this solution came as a lifeline and allowed a variety of multilingual online and hybrid-type events during the Covid-19 pandemic when it was not possible to host all participants in person.

The value of innovations

Linearis Translations’ team of localization specialists uses innovative translation tools in order to help companies to use their financial resources more efficiently and speed up translation while improving consistency and quality. Remote simultaneous interpretation and other language technologies to increase productivity are here to stay.

Contact us and let our team of experts help you find customized language solutions for your needs that will allow you to work in an international environment and improve your success.

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