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At Linearis, every team member can be a co-owner

Nowadays companies are constantly looking for new approaches to attract and keep highly skilled workers. One of them, the employee share option plan, has been growing in popularity. It is a great way to reward employees for the time they invest, for their work and their commitment to the company’s growth. Linearis has joined the ranks of progressive companies that have introduced an employee share option plan for its current and future employees, with which they can become fully fledged ‘co-owners’ of the company.

What is an employee share option plan?

The employee share option plan is a financial instrument that, in addition to wages, makes it possible for every current and future employee of the company to participate in its achievements and become a part of the story of its success. As the company achieves new accomplishments and ventures towards new horizons, the financial benefits of it go not only to the company itself and its founders but to its entire team: everyone who has contributed to its success.

Company experience

The first company in Latvia to grant an employee share option plan to all its employees, regardless of their position was Printify in 2019, Latvia’s first, but certainly not last, ‘unicorn’. If anyone in Baltics still has any doubts about the implementation of an employee share option plan as part of paying and rewarding employees, then international experience, for example, that of start-ups like Revolut and Transferwise, demonstrates the outstanding effectiveness of this tool. Thanks to their share option plans, many long-term and loyal employees of these companies have grown along with the successes of the company, earning considerable rewards. These are real-life examples that confirm the idea of an employee share option plan being an excellent solution for properly rewarding and remunerating success, from the viewpoint of both the companies and the employees.

Employee share option plan: next step for Linearis growth

“Given the expected growth of Linearis and the expansion of its service portfolio with a focus on tech solutions that boost productivity to new levels, introducing employee share option plan for its current and future employees is a logical next step in the company’s progress. The employee share option plan is a way for our employees to take part in our successes, which is vital in attracting new talent, and building commitment and focus in our team. I think using share obligations as a part of company motivation systems is becoming increasingly popular in Latvia,”

Linearis board member Voldemārs Brēdiķis

Linearis believes that success breeds success, and the company’s workers, too, have earned its rewards. The Linearis employee share option plan is available to EVERY current and EVERY future employee of the company, building a sense of belonging and a shared focus on the company’s vision, results and growth.