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Our Story

We believe that understanding each other can make the world a better place


We’ve kicked off our third decade with a bang and are making strides toward our company vision of assisting customers in overcoming technological hurdles and staying current with language technology advancements to maximize productivity. Our commitment is evident through acquiring ISO 18587 certification for machine translation and post-editing services, making us one of the first companies in the Baltics to offer new exceptional opportunities for our customers in language technology advancements. Actions truly speak louder than words.


We outgrew our SLASH.PM management system and started using XTRF after having analysed several management systems.


We tested our own software, SLASH.PM for the first time on a real translation project. SLASH.PM is a simple and easy-to-use project management system that covers all the basic steps of a translation project.


We won the Nameja Balva award in the “The largest increase in exports to Lithuania in 2014” category. The award – a silver Nameisis ring – was accepted from the Prime Minister by our Lithuanian team. The Nameja Balva award is an annual event organised by the Latvian Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, together with the Latvian embassy in Lithuania and the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. Also the year when Linearis joined the European Language Industry Association (Elia). Elia is a European non-profit trade association of language service companies with a mission to accelerate its members‘ business success. Founded in 2005, they have become the leading trade association for the language services industry in Europe.


Linearis’ booklet won the Grand Prix and Golden medal prize in the print art category at the festival of creative excellence ADWARDS. It is one of the most prestigious festivals for creative industries in Latvia, organised by the Latvian Art Directors Club.


Linearis joined the LATVIAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY and has been an active member ever since. It is the biggest association of entrepreneurs in Latvia, uniting over 2500 members. Also the year when Linearis  became a Baltic-wide company, expanding to Estonia and Lithuania. After signing a long-term agreement with one of the world’s largest technology producers, Linearis  opened branches in Vilnius and Tallinn. It was a huge step to move closer to the dream of becoming the leading Baltic translation agency.


Linearis implemented two important standards – ISO 27001 and EN15038. It was a great opportunity to adjust to current market demands and strengthen our position in both local and global markets. These standards were new at the time, so it was a great sales point for new customers and partners alike.


Linearis went global and entered the Chinese market. The Latvian office was growing and doing well, so it was decided to expand the business to other countries. With China being a new and emerging market at the time, the decision was made to establish an office there, with a member of the Latvian office taking the amazing opportunity to spearhead the operation by relocating from Riga to Beijing. New team members were selected and Linearis’ Chinese branch was founded.


The ISO 9001 standard was implemented. This was a logical and important step forward in the growth of the company. This standard ensures all processes are in accordance with the most rigorous international requirements.


The first Linearis Christmas song was composed. Being a creative and musical personality, Voldemārs gathered likeminded people and put together a team which was not only professional in managing translations, but also in songwriting. Of course, the songs were simple Christmas jingles and made up for fun, however, over the years it developed into a Linearis Christmas tradition – check out some of our videos and compositions HERE


Linearis became a cooperation partner of the Latvian Business Angel Network. The goal of this society is to expand and develop investors’ networks in Latvia and to help fund new and promising projects.


SIA Linearis was founded by Voldemārs Brēdiķis. After graduating from Ventspils University College Voldemārs set his sights on developing his own business. Translations was a logical path for him to set foot on – not necessarily because he was into languages, but simply because he knew most of the Ventspils University College graduates who studied Translation. After founding Linearis SIA he simply continued doing what he had already been doing for a few years only now he could make some money doing it.